Each year since 2016, Cartoon Forum brings a country into the spotlight celebrating their originality, their special strength or their wonderful contribution to the world of animation.

This year, we celebrate Portugal.
Portugal’s ability to foster talented artists means that there are a great many Portuguese animators working in studios all around Europe.

Success in shorts

Primarily, the animation work conducted in Portugal has been on original short films, rather than service work or original features or series.
Successful Portuguese animated shorts include Regina Pessoa’s "História Trágica com Final Feliz / Tragic Story with Happy Ending" (2005) and "A Suspeita / The Suspect" (2000 - winner Cartoon d'Or) by José Miguel Ribeiro.

Greater support

In the last years, the creation of a sustained and diversified professional and business network, with artistic and production capacity, both in quality and quantity has been enabled by the private investment from producers and authors, animation companies and studios, and the public support from the Portuguese Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual (ICA).
Finally, the support from the Portugal Film Commission (PFC) and from the Cinema and Tourism Fund (Cash Rebate 25% to 30%) that emerged in 2018, is currently leveraging the financing of animation, providing an horizon of greater competitiveness in the international market in the framework of services and co-productions.

A new ambition

After the historic success of Portuguese short films, an ambition for production of larger formats, as feature films and TV series has also developed, mainly represented by the 9 producers / studios in the spotlight at Cartoon Forum 2021 (see more information below).


Five projects pitched at Cartoon Forum 2021


Format: TV series - 26 x 7' – Target: Pre-school 4-5 – Produced by Sparkle Animation (Portugal) – Coproduced by Abano Producións (Spain) 

Pete & Bern's

Format: TV series - 52 x 3' – Target: Young adults/adults – Produced by Sardinha em Lata (Portugal) 

The Aventures of Princess P

Format: TV series - 52 x 11' – Target: Children 6-11 – Produced by Ukbar Filmes (Portugal)

The Saskatoons

Format: TV series - 26 x 11' – Target: Children 6-11 – Produced by Pikkukala (Spain) - Coproduced by Sardinha em Lata (Portugal)

What's It All About?

Format: TV series - 52 x 11' – Target: Children 6-11 – Produced by Take It Easy (Portugal)


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