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The Spanish Federation of Animation Producers’ Associations, is the umbrella body of the sector’s principal associations. DIBOOS works together with ICAA, ICEX and Animation from Spain and is devoted to promoting the Spanish animation industry.

  • DIBOOS represents more than 80% of the production of Spanish animation.
  • The animation industry is part of the audiovisual sector, and is the part that exports most of its production.
  • Spanish animation producers are constantly expanding by promoting projects and Research, Development and Innovation, indispensable for developing new content and improving the quality of production.

Spanish animation producers form a UNIQUE mix in the global cartoon arena:

Vast experience over international co-productions (from Latin America to Asia), talented artists awarded in international festivals, innovative and well-recognized digital software companies complemented with top productions distributed by the main top global players in the theatrical, VoD and merchandising sectors. All these skills together with several new incentives recently introduced, bring you the partner you needed to make your animation production succeed.

Welcome to the Spotlight on Spain on this wonderful event!

Dragonkeeper @ Dragoia Media / China Film Animation / Movistar + / Atresmedia Cine



The executive producer (registered in the ICAA’s Register of Film and Audiovisual companies) of a foreign film or audiovisual production is entitled to tax relief of 20% of the production’s costs incurred in Spain provided these are at least 1 million €.

The expenses that qualify for this tax relief are the costs of employing creative personnel with residence in the EEC (max. 50,000 €/person) and those arising from the use of technical industries and other suppliers. This tax relief may not exceed 3 million € per production and the total amount of all incentives may not exceed 50% of the production cost.

Regional enhancements:

  • Canary Islands: Tax deduction of 40%. Minimum expenditure: 1 million € in the Canary Islands.
    Maximum deduction will be 4.5 million €. Local production or service production company must be tax resident in the Canary Islands
  • Navarre: Tax deduction of 35%. The production must have a minimum of one week of interior or exterior shooting of Navarre.


Investment in Spanish film and audiovisual productions entitles the producer to tax deduction of 25% on the first million € of the tax base, and 20% on the sum exceeding said amount, with a maximum of 3 million € per production. The tax base to which the deduction is applied is the total cost of production plus the cost of copies, advertising and promotional expenses incurred by the producer (with a limit of 40% of the production costs). The law establishes a territorial requirement and 50% of the tax base must consist of costs incurred in Spain. The total amount of all tax incentives received may not exceed 50% of the production cost. The production must obtain a certificate of Spanish nationality and a cultural certificate.

Regional enhancements:

  • Canary Islands: Tax deduction of 45% on the first million € of the budget and 40% for the rest of the production budget. Producer and investor must reside in the Canary Islands. Maximum deduction will be 5.4 million €. Canaries Audiovisual Work Certificate is required.
  • Navarre: Tax deduction of 35%. At least 25% of the deduction base must correspond to expenses incurred in Navarre territory.
  • Basque Country: Tax deduction of 30% in each of the region’s three provinces (Bizkaia, Álava, Guipúzcoa). The total amount of all tax incentives received may not exceed 50% of the production cost, except in cases of European co-production in which it is limited to 60% of the production cost.



25% on: the expenditure on research and development and investment in fixed assets, excluding land & buildings, depreciation, collaboration (including work outsourced to other EU states) & expenses incurred in Spain in relation to the activity.

  • 42% if the sum exceeds the average for the previous year, + 17% personnel expenses + 17% average surplus expenses + 8% equipment purchases.
  • 40% in Navarre.

Tax deduction for tech innovation activities:

12% on: expenses incurred in the tax period directly related to said activities (tech analysis, industrial design, etc.); expenses incurred in execution; other expenses incurred in Spain and/ or the EU; expenses itemized by specific projects.

  • 45% in Canary Islands.
  • 15% in Navarre.

In both cases, tax relief shall not exceed 25% of the total tax liability, after deducting allowances. The limit shall be 50% if expenses are less than 10% of the total tax liability after deducting the allowances.

The Forgotten Children @ Basque Films / Abrakam Estudio / LaCompetenciaProducciones / Zircozine


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