A wave of fun and discoveries on the last day of Cartoon Springboard!

A wave of fun and discoveries on the last day of Cartoon Springboard!


The 3rd day of Cartoon Springboard has been opened by a presentation on how to sell animation programmes by Eleanor Coleman (Indie Sales). 

 Throughout the day, 12 projects have been pitched in front of a panel of international top-level experts:

  • THE HOMONOBOS – THE MISSED LINK – Aurélien Rodriguez & Jean- Louis Marco (FR)
  • SISTERHOOD OF THE GLADE – Tünde Vollenbroek & Marlyn Spaaij (NL)
  • JADE EREBUS – Milena Mardos (FR
  • DICTATORIA – Torsten Gauger & Anna-Maria Wer (DE)
  • BEBETTER – Daniel van Westen (DE
  • JOHANNE – Anna-Esther Volozh (UK)
  • TAG, YOU’RE IT! – Michael Kakariki Deligianni (GR)
  • SMOSH MOSH – Janina Putzker & Philipp Maas (DE)
  • GIRLS FROM WILLOW STREET – Maria Peteva & Alexandra Lopez (BG)
  • MUM IS POURING RAIN – Hugo De Faucompret (FR)
  • THE LITTLE COUSTEAU - Gabriela Kostal Duchonova & Jakub Kouril (CZ)

We heard lots of laughter and applause in the conference room. These projects were TV series (or TV special), feature films, web series and the audience was captivated by the high quality of the projects. 

The young talents received constructive advice and feedback about their projects and some experts will keep contact with them after Cartoon Springboard. New connections and partnerships will emerge very soon, stay tuned! The network is growing!

We ended the day with the traditionnal Farewell Dinner at Saalekahn (Ankerhof Hotel).

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