Cartoon Forum 2020: a hybrid version

Cartoon Forum 2020: a hybrid version



As Cartoon Forum is now going full digital, the info displayed underneath are not valid anymore. Check the web news here.


1. “Business first” remains the priority, while respecting the basic health rules

Our goal is to allow participants to be as productive as possible during Cartoon Forum. The main focus will be the pitches of the selected projects and the possibility to have all professional meetings in a safe environment.

The basic health rules will be applied scrupulously:
- Keep social distance between each participant (1 m)
- Put on a face mask as soon as you are inside the Congress Center
- Clean hands as often as needed, hydro-alcoholic gel will be available everywhere

2. NEW! A mobile application for the projects

Smartphones have become daily working tools, it seemed therefore essential to offer an application that allows direct access, wherever people are, to all information regarding the projects.

In this application will display all the information that was previously in the "Projects" section of the e-catalogue. Two important elements have been added: the evaluation form and, exceptionally this year, the trailer (the one that will also be shown during the Croissant or Coffee Show). It will be possible to search, sort and rank the projects. Users wil also be able to create a customized agenda of the pitches they wish to attend.

3. Opening an online access for buyers who are not attending on site

While buyers in general were able to join Cartoon Forum to attend the pitches on site and meet the producers “in real life”, some of them unfortunately had to follow more restrictive measures and stay at the office or even at home.
To maintain the usual dynamic of the Cartoon Forum and keep as many conversations as possible between producers and buyers, we have decided to opt for a hybrid version of Cartoon Forum and open an online access for the latter.
➤ buyers & coproducers have the opportunity to view the pitches which will be filmed on site via a dedicated platform. The video recordings will be on the platform 24 hours after the live presentation, and available until 15 October.
➤ buyers & coproducers can consult all the information regarding the projects via the application
➤ buyers & coproducers undertake to fill in and send the evaluation forms directly to the producers via the application.

 This icon identifies buyers benefiting from online access in the e-catalogue and/or on the "Who is coming" of the website.

4. Organization of projects pitches

on stage, the producers (and the people accompanying them) won’t wear masks. They will put them back on as soon as they leave the stage.
producers will leave the room first to continue discussions outside the room – the "Extra Time" corner will be there as it is every year.
the Toonies will sanitize tables, chairs, microphones (on stage and at the Extra Time corner) before the next project team arrives.
all the pitches will be done in English. The current circumstances do not allow us to offer the translation service in several languages as usual. On the one hand, the health management of the translation headsets make this service impossible to manage, on the other hand, the video recording is not compatible with simultaneous translation (it is not possible, at the sound level, to have 5 different languages with simultaneous translation in English and French).
➤ in the room, the participants will be seated in every other chair in a staggered fashion and everyone is asked to wear a mask throughout the session.
Social distancing will be respected at the entrance (extended queues) and at the exit (row by row) of participants.

5. An organization adapted to respect the sanitary rules

In addition to the 3 basic rules mentioned above, here is a summary of what we have put in place to ensure that these rules are applied in the most comfortable way possible (for more detailed information, see the news of 17 June):
➤ The 3 rooms (Blue - Pink - Purple) are each on a different floor this year
➤ Longer queues to keep a distance of 1 m between each person
➤ Creation of 2 different queues: one for buyers, one for producers; giving buyers priority access to pitches
➤ No organized lunches at the Congress Centre restaurant. Lunches will be taken outside, solutions are proposed (see the news of 17 June)
➤ The Croissant Shows and Coffee Shows for viewing the trailers are cut short and the participants attend standing.
➤ Dinners and cocktails are canceled.
➤ No bus shuttles
➤ No Cartoon Tributes
➤ No country honoured in the Spotlight



Opening the online registrations (June 17th, 2020), we are very happy to be able to organize the Cartoon Forum "in real life". Our decision follows the authorization of the French government to organize events with less than 5,000 participants and to open the borders within Europe.
However, we are still under the obligation to follow health safety rules imposed by both the French government and by WHO to avoid any spread of the virus and any rebound of the epidemic, namely:
- Keep social distance between each participant
- Wear a mask when in crowd
- Clean hands as often as necessary
We are aware that the sanitary measures become more flexible as the end of the lockdown planned by the European governments and by the French State progresses, but we do not know today what the situation will be at the time of Cartoon Forum mid-September 2020.
The rules imposed today may still be in place in September, or on the contrary, new announcements of medical treatment for September and a vaccine for October would allow a return to the "world as it was before". Will the virus be completely gone? Will the treatment have been proven? And will a vaccine already be on the market?
No one knows for sure.
Then, regarding the sanitary measures for Cartoon Forum, we have no choice but to follow the health safety rules as known now.
Therefore, you’ll find here the decisions we have taken and the changes it requires.

1. Absolute priority

"Business First" will be our philosophy this year. The main objective will be to allow you to meet each other and do business again, after these long months with no face-to-face contacts.
The social activities and conviviality that have always made the DNA of the Cartoon Forum will therefore be put on hold, exceptionally this year, to prioritize presenting the projects and doing business.

2. Basic health measures

➤ Since you will have a lot of business discussions, wearing a mask will be mandatory inside the Congress Centre (you will need to plan 1 mask per half-day, or 2 masks per day).

➤ Idea: you could make custom masks with print of
   - your face
   - your company logo
   - an illustration of your pitched project
➤ Hydro-alcoholic gels will be available. Do not hesitate to bring small individual bottles that you can keep in your pocket.
➤ To date, we are not asked to take the temperature of each participant at the entrance to the Congress Centre.

3. The Pitch Rooms and the number of participants

As we are asked to keep a distance of one meter between the participants in the pitch rooms, we are changing, exceptionally this year, some arrangements we were used to, as well as the organization of the rooms.

 Two queues will be created:

  • The first queue, called the BUYERS’ LINE, will allow "buyers" to enter the room first, to make sure that producers pitching their project will have all investors interested in their project attending their pitch on time. This is, we think, the most important for producers;
  • The second queue, called the PRODUCERS’ LINE, will allow all the other participants to attend the pitch until the room is full.
  • To avoid refusing the entrance to professionals for some pitches, we are modifying the rooms, especially the PINK and the PURPLE.
    The objective here is to allow as many people as possible access to the different rooms, with the sole priority of promoting "business" between professionals.
  • The lines will be lengthened to keep the social distance of one meter between each participant.

➤ Cancellation of the Coaching Program, exceptionally this year.
At this time, we do not know how many participants we will have in September. Anyway, we’ve asked the animation schools that participate each year in the Coaching Program during the Cartoon Forum not to attend this year for two reasons:
- Leave more space for professionals
- Prevent the rooms from being filled in by students

➤ The BLUE ROOM: it is the same as in previous years (at level +2). It will no longer be half-closed with sails. On the contrary, it will be entirely open, thus allowing the occupation of every other seat, staggered.
This room will, in this new disposition, accommodate 260 professionals to attend the different pitches.
This number is equal to the largest audience in previous years (without the student audience): this means that in theory no one should be refused at the entrance to the room.

➤ The PINK ROOM: it moves to level -1 (at the bottom of the old "restaurant" of the Cartoon Forum).
This room will allow access to 215 professionals. Here too, this number is equal to the largest audience in previous years (without the student audience): this means that in theory no one should be refused at the entrance to the room.  

➤ The PURPLE ROOM: it stays on the same floor (level +1) but it moves on the other side of the old "pink room".
This will accommodate 160 professionals. Here too, this number is equal to the largest audience in previous years (without the student audience): this means that in theory no one should be refused at the entrance to the room.

4. Lunches at the restaurant and dinners

➤ You will understand that, at this time (mid-June), we are not allowed to organize a meal for more than 800 people in the same room. We will therefore, this year exceptionally, cancel the lunches taken together in the restaurant of the Congress Centre.

 ➤ We will therefore ask all participants to have lunch outside the Congress Centre, at their own expense:  
   - either in a nearby restaurant or snack bar
   - either by using the Food Trucks that we are negotiating with right now and that will be available in the immediate vicinity of the Congress Centre
   - we remind you that a large park is waiting for you just outside the Congress Centre.
   - we will extend the duration of lunch from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

➤ The usual restaurant room will be divided in two, the background for the PINK ROOM as explained above, and the other two-thirds for the CROISSANT SHOWS and COFFEE SHOWS where the trailers of pitched projects will be screened, as every year.
These joint sessions will be limited to the most essential information and the participants will be standing for a much shorter duration.

➤ The Farewell Dinner (Thursday evening) is already definitely canceled, thereby closing Cartoon Forum on Thursday afternoon around 5.30 p.m.  

➤ The Welcome Dinner (Monday evening), offered by the Mairie de Toulouse, and the Cocktail (Wednesday evening), offered by the Occitanie Region, are canceled.  

➤ The cancellation of lunches, the Welcome Dinner and the “Regional” Cocktail is definitive today.  

However, if the health situation should evolve in a positive manner by the time of the Cartoon Forum, we might consider reviewing these decisions.

5. Other practical arrangements

➤ No bus shuttle will be organized.

➤ Cartoon Tributes will not be awarded this year.

➤ There will be no countries featured in the Spotlight. We have postponed it to next year.

6. The price

As meals will not be included in our services, this year exceptionally, we are reducing the registration price to 850 euros (instead of 1,000 euros) available via our usual way of registration and invoicing.

If the evolution of the epidemic would happen to be so positive that we can organize all the shared meals (lunches and dinners), we would re-invoice the balance (150 euros) in a second step.